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Become a corporate sponsor of the Animal Kindness Awards

Each year, over four million healthy animals are put to death. The shortage of adoptions by qualified people has resulted in a severe animal over-population crisis. Present pet owners are unaware of simple steps that can be taken to reduce the animal over-population.


A sponsorship commitment to the Animal Kindness Awards will help to alleviate this problem. As a company or an individual, you can take a leadership role and help support our ongoing efforts to rescue and protect animals. With your generous financial support we can:


  • Rescue/Transport Unwanted Animals. Animal Kindness works with organizations to rescue and protect any unwanted animal, rehabilitate it back to full health, and provide transportation to a no-kill temporary home until the pet is adopted by a responsible owner.

  • Support spay/neuter programs. Spay/neuter programs across the country offer individuals an opportunity to lessen the number of unwanted animals.  Spaying or neutering even one animal may help prevent dozens of animal deaths.


  • Educate children and adults about animal kindness. Education teaches people how to be good pet owners by focusing on the following principles:
    • Spaying/Neutering: It controls animal over-population and saves lives.
    • Rescue/Adopt/Foster and animal instead of buying from breeders.
    • Creating a lifetime commitment “forever” homes.
    • Becoming a voice for the voiceless by reporting animal abuse.



Click here for more information on sponsorship rates and benefits.

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