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Best Animal Spokesperson
Awarded to a spokesperson in recognition of exceptional public animal advocacy.


Anti-Cruelty Award

Awarded in recognition of extraordinary commitment in the fight against cruelty to animals.


Achievement in Animal Education
Awarded in recognition of extraordinary efforts in educating people for animal defense and support.


Achievement in Animal Journalism
Awarded in recognition for the most effective journalism in the fight to defend and support animals.


Best Rescue

Awarded in recognition of an extraordinary rescue effort of an animal in need.


Best Rehabilitation

Awarded in recognition for extraordinary rehabilitative efforts for helping a suffering animal to fully recover.


Notable Monetary Donation
Awarded to the individual or organization whose sacrificial financial donation has impacted the cause to help animals.


Non-Monetary Gift

Awarded to an individual or organization whose non-monetary gift has benefited in the fight to defend and support animals.


Best Corporate Friend

Awarded to a corporation for public dedication to the well-being of animals.


Most Courageous Animal

Awarded to an animal that has demonstrated extraordinary courage in the face of extreme circumstances.


Achievement in Animal Legislation

Awarded in recognition of groundbreaking legislation to protect or care for domestic animals or wildlife.


Best Veterinarian

Awarded to a veterinarian for volunteering time, providing extraordinary services, and showing extreme care and kindness to animals.


Breakthrough in Animal Medicine

Awarded in recognition of medical breakthroughs in animal care.


Animal Friendly Town

Awarded to a city or township in recognition of an animal-friendly environment and for providing resources to encourage citizens to own and care for animals.


Animal Friendly Establishment

Awarded to a company or organization in recognition of making their establishment welcoming to animals.


Achievement in Animal Training

Awarded in recognition of outstanding results in the training of domestic or wild animals.


Notable Assistant Animal

Awarded to an animal for extraordinary contributions towards human care and kindness.


Best Volunteer

Awarded to a volunteer in recognition of extreme dedication, time, and effort in support of animals.


Best Adoptive Family

Awarded to an adoptive family for providing a lifestyle for their adopted pets that sets a new standard for the love and care for all adopted animals.


Best Rescue Organization

Awarded to honor the rescue organization for extraordinary work in defending and supporting animals.


Best Animal Shelter

Awarded to the animal shelter whose dedication to saving lives has been voted most outstanding.


Legacy Award

Awarded to acknowledge an organization or individual who has demonstrated extraordinary animal kindness before the formation of the Animal Kindness Awards.


Lifetime Achievement

This award is not given every year, but only on occasion that the achievements of an individual through his/her lifetime merit this rare and extraordinary honor.


*Awards designated for animals to be accepted by the human who cares for the animal.

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