Animal Kindness Awards
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Animal Kindness Awards are presented annually by an alliance of like-minded organizations throughout the North America who share a common defend and support animals. The awards ceremony will feature the presentation of twenty (20) unique awards to honorable laureates who have distinguished themselves through demonstrations of extraordinary kindness to animals. Winners will be determined by an independent judging coalition consisting of some of the most accomplished and respected animal advocates in the world. Judging takes place through secret ballots which are tabulated by an established auditing firm which maintains absolute secrecy until the moment the presenters open the sealed envelopes at the Animal Kindness Awards gala event.

The date and venue of the event are to be determined. Finalists will appear in person. Nationally recognized celebrities will present the awards at this historic inaugural gala event. Performances by prominent artists will also add to the evening’s festivity. Seating is limited and by invitation only. Black tie required.

There is a sharp rise in numbers of unwanted domestic animals facing animal cruelty and neglect compounded by the current economic status. Environmental damage (most recently in the Gulf of Mexico) continues to threaten and take the lives of our wildlife every day. To honor those on the front lines--fighting to protect our animals, we present the Animal Kindness Awards...a gala event whose time has finally come.